2020 Terra do Rio White Field Blend




Varietal Mix

Arinto and Verdejo

The Blend

Harvested on the same day, both grape varieties were co-fermented via the use of natural yeast, which are found in the vineyard and winery.  The wine was then stored in old oak barrels up until bottling.

The Story

The 2020 Terra do Rio White Field Blend is the mix of Arinto and Verdejo. Why this blend? Well there is no technical or traditional reasons, but their partnership in this wine suggests that they were meant to be together.

In Australia, Arinto is a relatively unknown with only a handful of plantings in the ground. This white Portuguese grape variety is hardy, capable of withstanding extreme warm weather. The erect growth habit of the vine’s canopy protects the grapes from sunburn. The fruit retains both floral/citrus aromas and natural acids throughout the ripening period and through to the time of harvest.

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