Off to the Big Smoke!

The long hours and the loneliness of farming makes a trip to the city all that more exciting. This weekend I am heading to the city of Melbourne to support and take part in 21st Century Vino. This should be a great event that will showcase some of the best alternative grape variety winemakers in Australia. I am sure it will also be a very special event for the Chalmers Family who will get the opportunity to reflect on that moment in time when they decided to start importing a number of wonderful alternative varieties we love today.

Imagine the wine industry without alternative grape varieties! I know Ricca Terra Farms would not exist and I would be yearning for an industry with passion and excitement. I also would not have had the opportunity to work with some of the most exciting winemakers in the country. So hats off to the Chalmers family and all those other vine nurseries that decided to invest in the future of the Australian wine industry.

Ricca Terra Farms lands in Melbourne Friday night (15th) and has a tasting scheduled at Harry & Frankie at 6:30pm (317 Bay St, Port Melbourne). Amato Vino, Bellwether, Unico Zelo, Salena Estate & Delinquente will be showing their wines. We then move on 21st Century Vino on Sunday.

I looking forward to meeting a lots of new and interesting people this weekend, so please come and introduce yourself.


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